The 10 Best Places To Drink Canned Wine

The 10 best places to drink canned wine


VinCanCan's canned wines are incredibly convenient, ecologically sound, swift to cool, easy to carry and great quality (we've tried and love all the wines on VinCanCan). Here are a few of our favourite places to drink them.


  1. The Picnic

    There's nothing quite like getting out into the Great British countryside and having a picnic. The incredible convenience of canned wine means you can just slip one into a pocket or that spare space in your hamper.

  2. The Beach

    Stick a couple of cans into your beach bag for a spot of refreshment after a hard morning's sunbathing.

  3. The BBQ

    Turn up with a few different cans and everyone can have their favourite without opening several different bottles.

  4. The Open Air Concert

    Most organisers now won't allow you to bring glass containers into open air events, for obvious reasons. The 100% recyclable can allows you to bring your favourite wherever you go.

  5. The Train Journey

    You're heading up to town for a night out but don't fancy the wine in the buffet car!

  6. The Night In with Friends

    You've all got different taste in wines but it doesn't matter! Not when you've got versatile cans of wine.

  7. The Cricket Match

    The sound of leather on willow gently relaxing you whilst you sip a stunning canned Argentinian Malbec.

  8. The Outdoor Cinema

    A crisp Sauvignon Blanc is perfect with popcorn whilst you're sitting on your rug watching a classic Hollywood film and praying the rain stays away.

  9. The School Sports Day

    Second to last in the Mothers' Race? Console yourself with a can of something English and bubbly.

  10. The Garden

    Watching someone else do the pruning or mowing the lawn can be thirsty work! Time for an elegant, fruity canned Californian Rosé


The places and events that are perfect for canned wine are limited only by your imagination. Do share shots of places you've had a VinCanCan can on Instagram or Twitter and tag us @vincancan